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Ms. Lee came to Canada over 44 years ago as a nurse with dreams in her head. With her humanism, her desire to help people and her heart on her sleeve, she sets up, with her husband, restaurants as well and develops with her son a food factory in the Laurentians. Over the years, she has created many business projects combining culture, joy, prosperity, in Quebec and in partnership with China. Her leadership, her tenacity, her resourcefulness and her first quality of fully accomplishing herself as a recognized and respected consultant make her a real force in the business world. 

She counts in her CV several achievements that led her to the vision she has today:

  • Founder of China-Quebec, an association……
  • Co-founder and creator of the Montreal Dragon Boat Race 
  • 1995, creation of the company Shelley Lee Consultant
  • Vice-president of the United Center of the Chinese Community of Montreal.


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